Crochet: Blankets for Christmas

For Christmas I like to give. And because we live in the city where my husband is from, that means we are surrounded my family only minutes away! Which is awesome. Until the holidays hit your pocket book. So, I decided to start doing handmade gifts for everyone. Last year, I literally made a gift or two for EVERYONE and was exhausted. I was spread too thin and swore to never do that away. So this year, I decided to make two blankets and a hat instead… oh and some playdough… quality over quantity right!? So here are the blankets I made. The first was for a cousin. She is super trendy and loves the beach. So I decided to do a mod inspired color blocked blanket with a floating square look with four double crochet instead of three. The colors I chose were inspired by jewel tones because they never go out of style and ALWAYS look great together. This was made with Hobby Lobby’s brand of acrylic I Love This Yarn, and I really do LOVE this yarn. It’s light, soft, plush, and extremely easy to work with. Here are a few progress photos with my phone. And then the beautiful finished product. It was hard to give away. I just might have to replicate it, but a little larger than the lap size I made for this one.


Mr. Biggs is a total cuddle bug at night and always sleeps on my projects. What a turd.


The second blanket was for the newest member of our family, Madison. Or “Sweet Baby Madison” as Livi likes to call her. I did a striped granny square stitch with alternating colors of pale pink, white with green and pink flecks, and a pink and green ombre. I went with a mod color blocked style again, increasing the row counts for each color as the blanket progressed. This blanket seemed to never end! Only because, I wanted it to be very sturdy and last a lifetime, so instead of use a 6 mm hook like the yarn suggested, I used a 4 mm. What was I thinking!? Regardless, I eventually completed it and the family loved it! This was made with Hobby Lobby’s brand I Love This Cotton, and like the yarn, I really do love this cotton! Enjoy!

Crochet: Blankets for Chirstmas






Happy Hooking!


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